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  • Actualizacion servidores Arma 2 y Arma 3

    Se ha llevado a cabo la actualización de nuestros servidores de ArmA2 y Arma3.
    Os dejamos con la lista de cambios:


    Actualizado ACE a la ultima version en desarrollo

    Añadido: Consumo de agua y alimento reducidos

    Se cambiaron algunos addons de lugar para dar acceso a algunas misiones a reclutas ( esto puede hacer que el update parezca mas grande de lo que es).

    Build 594

    h3. Changed

    * [by Dystopian] Satchels can now be attached to individual positions instead of [0,0,0] by looking at the preferred spot to attach [rocko]
    * [by tcp] M72 can be packed into backpacks [rocko]

    h3. Fixed

    * ACE options showing displaced entries [rocko]

    Build 593

    h3. Changed

    * AH-1W should now have proper RW and functions [rocko]
    * Added impact flash for sabot type warheads [rocko]
    * Adjustable fuse (AKA timer) for satchel charges and C4 [rocko]
    * Carrying boxes now adds a dynamic offset for boxes with roadway lod that may cause a player glitching into the sky [rocko]
    * DAGR is no longer a GPS item (will get it's own GPS map, probably) [rocko]
    * Disabling Grenadethrow2 Key Settings, not completed yet. refs #71889 [ViperMaul]
    * Disabling Grenadethrow2 feature, not completed yet. refs #71889 [ViperMaul]
    * Enemy units have to be searched prior to disarming (same for civilians) [rocko]
    * Explosions with smaller force will no longer knockout players but tilt them [rocko]
    * GPS minimap layout has more technical look (no longer mainmap like) [rocko]
    * Increased durability of backpacks [rocko]
    * M163 PIVADS has now tracking function [rocko]
    * Minedetector sounds closer to the real ones [rocko]
    * New option for handsignals. Handsignals can now be shortcutted via Numpad keys (default) [rocko]
    * Possessing a GPS device does not automatically enable a map [rocko]
    * Protector RCWS on M1A2 TUSK now matches all other Protector RCWS stations [rocko]
    * Removed obsolete zeroing function for RPG7 PGO7 variant [rocko]
    * Replaced titletext messages with less intrusive hint style messages [rocko]
    * Reworked Group Tracking: Previous group tracking modules are inactive and therefore obsolete [rocko]
    * Reworked Group Tracking: Tracking markers are now only visible while in FBCB2 compliant vehicles (aka have a GPS) as gunner or commander [rocko]
    * Reworked Group Tracking: Tracking markers no longer appear on the map of infantry units, instead markers are shown on GPS/DAGR map only (GPS functionality WIP) [rocko]
    * Reworked Group Tracking: Units will show up only if the respective device is turned on (Automatically if carrying DAGR) [rocko]
    * Roundcount available for CSWs [rocko]
    * SHIFT+4 Launcher support for quick weapon selection [rocko]
    * Surrounding light sources have impact on map visibility [rocko]
    * Vanila support vehicles now utilize ACE style (no magic rearm by driving by..) [rocko]
    * Zeroing display does not show up while looking through scope [rocko]

    h3. Fixed

    * 82mm ILLUM shells script error [rocko]
    * Backpacks could not be retrieved from tank type vehicles [rocko]
    * CSW magazine was lost when aborting the loading process [rocko]
    * Missing animations when switching to binocular while prone with launcher [rocko]
    * New explosion effects now also for 82mm shells [rocko]
    * Only allow nil or an array as parameter when calling ace_fnc_startSpectator, fixes #71939 [Xeno]
    * SU-36/P Daysight not useable [rocko]
    * Some CSWs sometimes could not be loaded after being initially deployed [rocko]
    * Visual effects for multi-monitor systems [rocko]

    h3. Added

    * VG-40SZ flashbang grenade [rocko]

    En total son ~400 MB de actualización


    Se ha actualizado los addons de FHQ (tanto accesorios como las M4)

    En total son ~30 MB de actualización
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