Request of Team Challenge/Quieres jugar con nosostros?

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    Request of Team Challenge/Quieres jugar con nosostros?

    Dear UST 101,

    I'm 2RGT Andrewplay from Secondo Reggimento Incursori (2RGT), an Italian mil-sim Arma 3 clan, founded in 2013.
    With almost 40 members active, we represent one of the biggest Arma 3 group in our country and a huge work on missions editing and scripts led us to became a reference point in our national environment.
    Unfortunately in the Italian Arma 3 environment there’s a lack of Arma 3 clans which have almost our size and/or the same commitment to a serious mil-sim gameplay. Organizing interesting events with other groups has become really difficult, forcing us to search Arma partners outside our country.

    Hence we ask you about the availability of Team vs Team operations with you, as your convenience and preference.

    We have our own server, set of missions and mods which we can share for the organized events. In any case we are opened to discuss and adopt other mods and missions, even to vanilla, if is necessary.
    Our standard mod pack comprehends:
    - CBA_3
    - TFR
    - CUP terrain pack
    - RHS
    - ACE_3 (basic medical system, WIP the swap to the advanced one)

    We can offer the maximum fair play, high quality mil-sim gameplay, strong commitment and our desire to have fun together with you.

    Contact us @

    Web Site:
    YouTube Channel:


    Ablo un Espanol bastante bueno pero no lo soy scribir!!

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    Hi Andrewplay, thanks for the proposal. We will send you our contact info via PM.

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